Race: Eladrin

Class: Druid

“This world is filled with life and wonder, in every corner.”

Aramil has dark hair unlike most Eladrin, with pale blue-grey eyes and gaunt features. He stands at an average height, and wears dark-green to black clothing. He’s cautious though curious, and has often gone out of his way to seek the unknown.

Aramil was born on the eastern coast of The Shroud. His parents were both Shiere Knights, protecting The Shroud from outsiders, from both it’s borders with the mist and the feywild. Aramil’s mother was killed by a rampant creature of the mist while Aramil was very young. Aramil was very sickly as a child and grew slowly. As a young adult, he spent much time in the woods and on the coast, learning to harness the primal forces within and desiring to see the outside world. He took his chance, and stowed away on a ship that made emergency repairs on the island. He took the opportunity to explore the outside world.

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Theme song: Umi Sakai (Unasaka) Yori


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