Most classes fit, some don’t. Here is a comprehensive list of all the classes that the characters will be permitted to play. This includes multiclass feats; a class not on this list cannot be multiclassed into. The available classes are listed according to Power Source, with the role that the class fills listed immediately afterwards. Players will note a dearth of Divine powered classes. This is deliberate; the gods of Caelum remain distant and unknowable, and those who can channel “divine” power rare.

Arcane Classes

  • Artificer, leader
  • Bard, leader
  • Sorcerer, striker
  • Swordmage, defender
  • Warlock, striker
  • Wizard, controller

Divine Classes

  • Cleric, leader
  • Paladin, defender

Martial Classes

  • Fighter, defender
  • Ranger, striker
  • Rogue, striker
  • Warlord, leader

Primal Classes

  • Barbarian, striker
  • Druid, controller
  • Shaman, leader
  • Warden, defender


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