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“It goes on forever, the Sky. No boundaries, no borders, illimitable. Some have plumbed its depths, and never returned. Some have set out into unknown sky, and found naught but sun and clouds, forever and ever. A man could go mad, sailing that vast expanse, and more than a few have. My point? Don’t underestimate the Sky. It’s where the land ends and life begins.”

Welcome to Open Sky!

Open Sky is a DnD4E campaign set in the world of Caelum, a world where the ocean is nothing but clouds and mist, impenetrably deep, and the continents float through the vastness of the Sky. While at its core, Open Sky is a game of fantasy adventure, there are several themes that the game will touch upon.

Exploration: Caelum is a world that is far from being completely explored. While the centers of civilization and commerce are well known and well traveled, the Sky has many islands and archipelagos that have yet to be fully mapped or explored. In their travels, the characters will witness sweeping vistas and lost territories that have not been witnessed by mortal eyes in ages.

Mystery: Just as the Sky has yet to be fully explored, the world itself is filled with many questions that have yet to be answered. Much of Caelum’s history has been lost to the ages, and only a few hints of the truth of the world are to be found. As the characters explore the world, many questions will be raised, and the layers of mystery will be slowly peeled away to reveal that Caelum has more secrets than any could have guessed.

Horror: A theme that will be present only partially, and not generally one that lends itself well to Dungeons and Dragons. Nonetheless, there will be times when the characters are faced with powers ancient and terrible, or beasts the like of which they simply cannot contend with. These darker aspects will color the world of Caelum, and provide unique challenges for the otherwise heroic protagonists.

Open Sky

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