Bharash backstory part 2, through the eyes of Galavantis

This is the story of a warforge named Galavantis, his eyes, his memory, his very soul, is now yours.

The first thing he remembers is a bright light, and the clittering of steel on steel. A voice boomed In his head.
“Wake again, little soul. Your life begins anew.” Followed by a loud clang as his vision was restored, seeing in front of him the man his creator, and forge hammer in his hand. He had been here before, he was sure of it. He couldn’t access any memories of those events however.
“Welcome back, Galavantis. You may remember very little, we will show you what you were.”
Arcademis led him to a room, where he was updated on the information required for basic living. From there, he was given leave to research, or do, whatever he desired, the library’s of the Citadel were at his disposal.

Galavantis spend several months reading and updating his knowledge of other cultures and races. He found there lore and myths intriguing, if misguided, and sought to learn more. He was lead, when asked, to a funding installment, where he received a free tuition to attend a school that would grant him access to teachers of lore and magic, the school was called Callaghan’s Acadamy of the Magical Arts, located in Providence.

The school ( which looked like an old castle, was surprising large, maybe half the size of providence itself) was hidden behind a magical barrier, which allowed it to be hidden, and take up no more room than an old shed.

On arrival, he was assigned to a teacher named Alvalor, in a large room that appeared to be a ballroom, the walls lined with musical instruments. He was requested to sit at a table with three others, an elf male, an human female, and a Dragonborn male.

The Professor instructed us that today was going to be used to familiarize ourselves with those at our table, saying that ‘listening and learning is an important part of storytelling.’ I have much to learn.

The elf, named Kaladin, tall and broad, apparently came from a long line of bards. Claiming that his ancestors were some of the first bards to attend this school. He was very outgoing and enthusiastic, and was willing to divulge every part of his life in great detail, without being prodded.
The human female was named Karen Renald, who was small compared to the rest of the humanoids in the class. She was born to two scholars from Kadatheron, and loved to sing.
The dragonborn fidgeted and looked back to the door frequently, an indication he was experiencing the emotion ‘nervousness’. It took some coaxing; he was seemingly unwilling to reveal his history. but Kaladin’s and Karen’s words were soothing and assuring, and he told us by the end of the lesson, after making us promise not to tell his family he was here. His name was Barash Taladar, Heir to the Taladar estate and lineage, lore keepers of ancient empire of Arkhosia. He however, seemed to want little to do with that. It seemed he convinced his father he was here to learn wizardry and lore, and if his father knew why he was here, he would likely be named ‘Gleeborn’. I will research that term more later on.

The first lesson ended, and we assigned dorms with which to live in. I had bunked with Barash and Kaladin, however, not requiring any of the amenities that were provided; I simply shut down, and waited for the next lesson in the morning.

The course went very well, I learned much about the cultures and lore of the other races. And also, surprisingly, I found myself an affinity for the bardic magic as well.
The relationships between me and the other three grew as well; it wasn’t long before they called me a friend. Though when inquired, they gave very insubstantial bases for a definition of friendship.
It seems that friendships also develop in pairs, with Karen and Barash going to be together often, and Kaladin and myself together as well. When I questioned Kaladin about this, he sang a song about a tin man and a wizard, which was not helpful in deducing this phenomenon at all.

(Many memories available here about the time in school that you have access too, not going to write harry potter)

By the end of the four year schooling, all of us had changed substantially. I began to understand the humanoid ‘humor’ as well as emotion and such. While certainly not an expert in the matter, I can often discern when people are in distress, or making jokes.
Kaladin excelled at being a bard, and graduated valedictorian. He was very helpful in explaining the way of interactions with others, and frankly, without him I may not have passed the schooling myself.
Barash took on the stage name Sawyer at the end of graduation, and had grown to maturity, gaining 2"4’ in height, and an additional percentage in weight. He had grown much more confident over the years, and became an excellent bard as well.
Karen had developed a very lovely singing voice; however, she had also gotten quite sick a few times during our education. It was revealed, at about this point, that she had often gotten sick, and was never very healthy as a child.
After graduation, Barash mentioned he was termed ‘Gleeborn’ by his father, and no longer Heir, of welcome in his house. And after a long discussion, the four of us decided we would go to Kadatheron, and live there, to continue our scholarly pursuit.
However, before we departed, Barash announced his intent to marry Karen. She reciprocated his feelings, and accepted his proposal.

The voyage went by without any issues, and Karen’s parents were happy about the news, and agreed to pay for the wedding. I stood there, as one of his groomsmen, as I watched the ceremony. It was very pleasant, the vows well worded, the songs were pleasing, and the building very symmetrical. The reception was equally enjoyable; Mr. and Mrs. Renald spared no expense for the party.

After that night, the two went on their honeymoon, of which I learned it was often spent without the company of others. So I spent the next two weeks organizing our new house (regardless of the marriage, the four of us still planned to live together) I also found employment at a nearby library, filing and sorting books. It was easy work, leaving me plenty of to work on research. When they returned, I had taken the liberty of sorting and filing job request in the area, of which they could partake. Sawyer chose, and was accepted, to sail along the coast of Kadatheron and Tindolos on a Trade vessel. He would work one week on the ship, and then return for a week at home. Karen took an opening at an Opera house, and to this day, I still don’t know what Kaladin does for money.

(Many more memories of this time rush through your head, mostly mundane, happy memories. for four years they all live together until….)

It was a cold, winter day, as Kaladin burst through the door to my work, looking flustered.

“Gal! Where’s Sawyer?” He said through hastened breath.
“This must be important, I assume? Assuming that there has been no foul weather to slow the progress of the ship he’s on, Barash should have almost completed his journey, walking back to the city by now. Why do you ask?”
“Karen’s sick, in a bad way. I’m going to try and scrounge up enough money for a cure disease ritual; you go home and take care of her, ok?” I gave him a solemn nod. I immediately went to the library owner, explained to him the situation. He was more than willing to help, and sent me home with the next week’s pay in hand.

When I arrived at our residence, I immediately headed to Karen’s room. her face was red, her breathing labored, and she was bound to fits of twitching I played her soothing words to comfort her, but there was more at work than my magic could cure.

Sawyer arrived before Kaladin returned, and I waited by the door to award the two some privacy. Approximately 20 minutes later, Kaladin returned with an older human male, wearing robes that were common to ritualist in the city. I took the lead in bringing them to Karen’s room. Sawyer was there holding Karen’s hand, who smiled weakly at our arrival.
“Promise me, won’t you Sawyer?” Karen said, turning her gaze back to Barash.
“It doesn’t matter,” Sawyer said grimly, “You’ll pull through this. But yes I do." He turned to the old human.
“Can you help her?”
“I will certainly try, young man, but first I will need to examine her.” He knelt down beside her, and began to perform several tests on her. After a few minutes, he asked to step out of the room with us.
“Her prognosis is grim.” He said, solemnly. “The disease is in its later stages, she won’t live past the night.” He turned to Sawyer, “I can still cast the cure disease ritual. However, given her frailty and the severity of the disease, it is very possible she will not survive the ritual.”
Sawyer looked back to the room Karen was in, stared for a moment, and then turned back.
“Please, Jason, you have to try.” The old man put his hand on Sawyer’s shoulder, and we followed him back into the room.

There was a knock on the door, and, as I opened it, Karen’s parents were on our doorstep. As I calmly explained the situation to them, they both busted into tears, and I let them up stairs, where the ritual was almost complete. Sawyer hugged the two, and they hugged Karen. Everyone held hands; it was quite the show of solidarity.

However, Karen wore a pained expression as the ritual was completed. The room filled with the glow of magic energy, and a white substance was being drawn out of the girl. It all of a sudden stopped, and Karen fell limply in the bed. She had not survived the ritual. At this point, everyone, save the ritualist Jason and myself, was crying. I gave them a moment to compose themselves, before turning to Jason.
“Do you know the Raise Dead ritual?” At this, everyone snapped their heads to Jason.
“…yes, I do, but it is markedly more expensive to perform. I feel your grief, but I don’t have the residuum needed.”
Sawyer looked over at Kaladin, but he shook his head.
“Sorry, brother, but I pulled all my strings just to afford this ritual.”
“w-we have about one hundred and fifty gold in the bank for retirement, is that enough?” Mr. Renald asked, in a shaky voice.
“No, we need almost three times that.” Jason said, shaking his head.

Sawyer stared at the floor for a moment, and then raised his head.
“Kaladin, Galvantis, I want you to try and scrounge up as much as you can. I’m going to go on a trip to see my father.”

In order to be back in time to be there for the ritual, Sawyer had to leave immediately. After he left, I joined an adventuring party on a caravan to Tindolos, however the gods gave us no favors, and we ambushed by bandits. Although I managed to escape and return to Kadatheron, much of the month had elapsed. Kaladin and I managed to collect 130 gold, which left us just over half way to enough.

Half a week later, Sawyer arrived, his head hung low. His father had denied him the money not because he couldn’t afford it, but ‘because even a Gleeborn of house Taladar shouldn’t be married to a human.’ So they buried her, in a graveyard on the outskirts of Kadatheron. Sawyer stated that he had promised Karen he would be as great a bard as the bards of legends, and he intended to make good on his word. This was the last time I saw him.

Until I met him as the hero of Kadatheron! We exchanged stories. I told him, surely, he fulfilled his promise to Karen, but Sawyer disagreed. I agreed to help him out on his plan to protect the world, volunteering to help.

Bharash backstory part 2, through the eyes of Galavantis

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