Dragonborn earn their name from their resemblance to dragons. Although humanoid, the dragonborn are tall and mightily built. Thickly scaled, the dragonborn cut daunting figures with their high, crested brows and thick ropy hair. Although they do superficially resemble dragons, it is unknown whether or not the dragonborn have any true draconic heritage, or if the similarities are purely coincidental.

Culture and History

The dragonborn, much like the tieflings, claim to be the descendants of an ancient and now largely forgotten empire that once contended for control of all of Caelum. This legendary empire, called Arkhosia by the dragonborn, is now lost to myth and mist, though some ancient ruins do remain here and there that the dragonborn claim as proof of their long heritage. The eldest dragonborn tell stories of the glories of Arkhosia, and of the great warriors and heroes of the ancient dragonborn.

Whatever may have become of Arkhosia, if it ever did truly exist, there is a clear grain of truth to the stories: the dragonborn are exceptional warriors, a tradition that they maintain. Although there are few scattered communities of dragonborn, most roam the world as sellswords and adventurers, and many are happy to hire the mighty soldiers.

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