Eladrin are the children of the Mist, fey creatures that are uniquely in tune with power of the dreaded depths of the Sky. They are tall, elegant, pale creatures who carry themselves with a dignity and surety of self that only comes with being one step removed from existing in reality the same way as other creatures do. Their connection to the mist manifests itself in strange ways with the eladrin. Some have blank eyes of gray or white. Some seem insubstantial when viewed out of the corner of the eye. However it manifests, every eladrin has a quality to them that many find eerie and disquieting.

Their voices are lyrical, and their attitudes level. Many consider the eladrin to be cold, but this is not so. They feel and care as deeply as any living creature; they just don’t show it in the same way as others. The eladrin mind seems to be slightly “disconnected” from reality. Where a human might express joy with smiles and laughter, an eladrin might quietly shed a single tear for beautiful moment that they know is wonderful while it lasts, but must pass into history, never to be repeated.

Culture and History

The eladrin simply say that they “came with the Mist,” and are notoriously tight-lipped about their origins. As far as any recall, they have always been there, living on a small continent called The Shroud. From the depths of The Shroud’s foggy interior, the eladrin come, for motivations as mysterious as the people themselves. They seem to be a close knit people, referring to one another with familial titles such as “brother,” “grandmother,” “nephew,” or other such affectations, depending on differences in age and gender. Others they simply refer to dismissively, unless they are close with the individual in question, in which case either a name is used, or, in rare cases, the eladrin will extend a familial title to their companion. This seems to be done entirely at the discretion of the eladrin, who will offer no explanation as why the shift occurred.

The eladrin has a deep, almost elemental connection with the Mist. It permeates their being, and many eladrin feel at home sailing the Sky simply because of how close it brings them to the Mist. When an eladrin is born, they call the event “coalescing,” and when an eladrin dies, they call it “dispersing,” furthering their apparent connection to the Mist. Indeed, when an eladrin dies, they do indeed disperse in a literal sense; they dissolve into mist and fade with the wind.

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