Although they might physically resemble the austere eladrin, upon closer examination, the elves of Caelum could not be further from the people of the Mist. Duskier, harsher, and vastly more in tune with the here and the now, the elves seem harsh and abrasive by comparison to the elegant eladrin. Lithe and agile, the elves are masterful archers and swordsman, and aren’t shy about letting others know it. Many sport spiraling tattoos, and body piercings are also immensely popular among them.

Culture and History

The elves are a people who have always been known to be one with nature. In Caelum, however, where the Sky is so very prevalent, the elves long ago gave up the forests of trees in favor of forests of masts. There are no finer sailors on the Sky than the elven people. The disparity in skill has, in fact, led many elves to become pirates, and the skies around the elven homeland of the Verdenna Archipelago are notoriously dangerous for non-elven ships.

Abroad, elves sell their skills as sailors to those who are willing to pay, although their natural lust for life and adventure has led more than one elf to sign up with a crew or adventuring company purely for the thrills (although due compensation is still naturally expected).

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