Mari Luusi

Mari Luusi

Character Race: Once human, now Eladrin (Shadar Kai actuality)

Character Class: Swordmage

Character Titles: None



“I would give everything from them.”

Old Mari has long blonde hair that falls down past her lower back. It is usually tied up in a neat single french braid. Though she spends a lot of time outside, her skin had stayed a radiant light color. Her eyes were a soft blue. She is not the tallest of the bunch, but she is in really good shape. Most of her beauty though is masked under her armor and a cloak.

When she was younger she was a lot more out going, but something in her life made her much more cautious and protected. She is to the point and direct. To her the games and the smoke and mirrors are a waste of time. There are times she tries to just relax, but most of the time she keeps herself consumed by some sort of purpose to keep herself focused. She is afraid of making a mistake that could affect those around her.

Since she had died, her skin and hair has lost all of its color and life. Her eyes have blackened over. Physically, she was changed, but it did not change who she was on the inside. At least, she hopes it has not.


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Mari Luusi

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