Some claim that tieflings were once human, long ago, and that their bloodline was mingled with that of infernal beings, giving them the appearance they bear today. Regardless of the truth is, tieflings are a race distinctly apart from humans. They have sharp features, and eyes that are often hues of orange to red. Their most distinctive features are far less subtle however: they have large horns that sprout from their foreheads, and long non-prehensile tails from four to five feet in length. Their skin has all the normal range of hues as humans, but can also be dark, ruddy reds.

Culture and History

Many ancient ruins can be found throughout the world of Caelum, relics of a long forgotten age. These ruins can be found on almost every continent and country. If the tieflings are to be believed, these ruins are the remnants of the empire of Bael Turath, a tiefling nation which once ruled all the world, save the territories held by their rivals, Arkhosia. For many tieflings, this a matter of pride; they are the inheritors of a great and ancient legacy of nobility. For other, more modern-minded tieflings, the crumbling ruins of a long dead empire are hardly something to cleave to. Still others claim that the ancient ruins aren’t of tiefling origin at all.

Whatever the truth of their past may be, the tieflings of modern day Caelum are in a very different position from where they claim to have once been. Their affinity for sinister forces draws much suspicion from the other peoples of Caelum, and many tieflings are lucky to scrape by with honest work in a world that cares little for them. Despite this, or perhaps in spite of it, many tieflings have a natural power and force of personality that drives them to acts of great heroism or terrible villainy.

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