The warforged are only superficially humanoid. Skeletally thin and of varying height, the warforged have an appearance that can be deeply disturbing to those who are unfamiliar with them. The metal that composes the core of their bodies is a dark cold substance that is unlike any other metal known in Caelum. While the warforged will occasionally supplement this core with additional plating, only the strange metal that makes up their “body” withstands the test of time. The warforged call this metal soulsteel, and it is intrinsic to containing the “essence” that gives a warforged their sentience.

Warforged do not have gender, as such, their voices being atonal composites of male and female aspects, speaking in harmony. Since they are not biological creatures, they do not reproduce; when a warforged dies, or is close to death, it does its best to ensure that its remains are returned to their homeland, Anancites, so that the metal of their body can be reused to create another warforged.

Culture and History

The warforged are a semi-nomadic people. Their homeland, such as it is, is the great frigate-citadel of Anancites, sailing slowly through the mists. It is from this great migrating ship that the Sacred Foundries give “birth” to the next generation of warforged. From Anancites, the warforged set out into the world. Most travel to bring back wealth and equipment for their traveling home, while others seek to distance themselves from the small community that has been their whole world since youth.

Anancites is a truly ancient vessel, and has been traveling through the Sky since time immemorial. The warforged, for their part, know little of their own history, aside from what has been passed down from one “generation” to the next. The stories tell that they predate the kingdoms of man and elf, and claim to be from an era of the much disputed empires of the Tieflings and Dragonborn. They claim no lofty titles, like the other “ancient” peoples, however, and instead claim they simply “have been, and will remain until the last of the soulsteel is lost.”

Soulsteel is, as far as anyone knows, impossible to recreate. This is perhaps, the truest and greatest tragedy of the warforged people. As the warforged live their lives, the inevitable wear and tear slowly depletes the amount of soulsteel that is available to the warforged race. As it is necessary for the “birth” of new warforged, their race is on an inevitable decline. Given enough time, eventually there will no longer be enough soulsteel to maintain the warforged race.

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