Race: Dwarf Lich

Titles: Lead Researcher of the Dwarf Citadel of Vitlaus Visindi


“There is no price too high to pay for progress.”

Creighton is not unusual among dwarves in his desire to know more about the Mist and the beasts that dwell within. What is unusual is the lengths that he is willing to go to learn anything and everything that he can. He long ago tore out his own soul, becoming a lich, in order to have all the time he would ever need to study the Mist. In becoming a lich, he did much research on the nature of the soul, which got him to wondering just what the soul of the Mist monsters was like. His research into the nature of the soul led him down a line of thought that eventually led to the disaster which would ruin Vitlaus Visindi.

In an effort to be able to communicate with the otherwise hostile Mist monsters, he took the soul of a dwarf and spliced it with that of a captured Mist monster. The result was a being that had no idea what it truly was. It had enough of a dwarf soul to know of the dwarven way of life, and enough of an otherworldly Mist monster soul to believe that it was an angel sent by the dwarf god Moradin to save his people. The being called itself the Seraphim and began to dominate the dwarves of Vitlaus Visindi by seizing command of their very souls. Creighton, with his souls tucked away in a phylactery, was immune to the creatures influence, but wasn’t strong enough to battle it on his own. Instead, he sealed the being away with his powerful magic, and settled in for a long stalemate.



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