Race: Human

Titles: Roslin the Red


“Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!”

Roslin is lithe and wiry, a born hunter in appearance and movement. At first blush, her movements appear to be slow, languid. To the more trained eye, however, her every move is deliberate and graceful, and she is always ever so slightly tense, ready to pounce upon a moments notice. She keeps her dark hair cut short, out of her way, and she is rarely seen without a grin on her face, and is fond of humming or muttering children’s nursery rhymes to herself. That smile, however constant, never reaches her eyes, though, which glare with unbridled hatred at every person she sees. The only time she ever truly seems to feel and joy in the midst of slaughter, an art at which she knows few rivals. It is clear to any who spend any small amount of time with her that she is deeply, deeply insane.

 photo Ruri_zpsb8966c53.jpg

Theme Song: Ring Around the Rosie


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