Van Cleef Brothers

Names: Edwin and Lee Van Cleef

Race: Human

Titles: Proprietors of Van Cleef Bros. Imports

Residence: Providence


“What have we here? More common riffraff come in from the streets?”
“What have we here? Skilled entrepreneurs looking for hire?”

The Van Cleef brothers are as different as night and day. Edwin, the younger of the two brothers is the image of a foppish nobleman. He wears the latest fashions, has delicately maintained appearance, and rarely has anything but disdain for the “common riffraff” that he seems forever cursed to deal with. Lee, conversely, is hard and harsh, his dark features, oiled mustache, and pragmatic attitude making him the one more likely to deal with those that his brother deigns to be beneath his notice.

Both of the Van Cleef brothers are deviously clever businessmen. Their mutually owned shipping company is commonly known to deal in exotic goods looted from around Caelum by adventurers in their employ. They are also well known information brokers, and while they don’t wield the same clout as Mr. Coin, they are also much more accessible, making their business flourish within their home city of Providence.

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Van Cleef Brothers

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